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Peter Perera
To Exchange: I have mint stamps and used stamps of Srilanka and Great Britain
Wanted: I collect worldwide mint stamps and used stampsentered Mar 26 2012
entered March 2012

To Exchange: I offer mint and used stamps of Germany(Bundes, Berlin) from 1949 to 2012 , mint-used WW, post-cards from Germany to 1945.
Wanted: I want mint thematic stamps from WW after 2000 year, post-cards wrom WW to 1920 year.
entered March 2012

Barry Townend
To Exchange: Worldwide definitives and commemoratives, mainly used, in either 50s or 100s. No CTO's.
Wanted: Worldwide definitives and commemoratives, mainly used, in either 50s or 100s. No CTO's.
entered Feb2012

Harry Van De Laar
To Exchange: Canadian and United States used stamps in lots of 100 - 200 per pack.
Wanted: Any used stamps from United Kingdom. (England)

Andre Thibaudeau
To Exchange: Canada and WW stamps, used - large commemorative, souvenir sheets, FDC, etc.
Wanted: Large commemorative stamps WW. Member of ATA (American Topical Ass., APO (Amicale des Philatelistes de l'Outaouais), OPS (Ottawa Philatelist Society) Send me an email to discuss. See me on Facebook. Contact me on Skype.

Czech Republic
Ondrej Wagner
To Exchange: Mint and used stamps from Czech Republic, used stamps from Czechoslovakia, stamps concerning railways.
Wanted: Railways, nature, horses, wildlife, old stamps up to 1950 and all stamps from the former colonies.
added Jan 201
Glorian Rabang
To Exchange: Older and middle period stamps of all Scandinavian countries, including DWI, all fault free and starting with Scott value $0.50 on up.
Wanted: older and middle period stamps of British Empire, all fault free and starting with Scott value $0.50 on up.
Exchange on basis Scott Catalog values

Victor Iljin
To Exchange: I interest in mint stamps on thema fauna, sport..
Wanted: I can offer mint and used stamps from Russia, USSR, Ukraina and other countries on themas which interest you.


To Exchange: used stamps and minisheets from Slovakia, NO defiinitives, ww used stamps
Wanted: ww used stamps and minisheets, no deffinitives

Pavlov Oleg
To Exchange: Offer all philatelc items(stamps,ssheets,msheets, provisories,varieties...) from Ukraine,
Russia,Lithuania and from all others new states of former ex-USSR, also USSR.
Wanted: Wanted mint complete issues worldwide (last 5 years) on themes:fauna, ships, navy,
lighthouses, bridges, transport, Antarctic.

To Exchange: I have been collecting stamps for over 40 years and have a large supply of used world to exchange for Used Canada and US. Please let me know what you have and what you would like to receive.Looking forward to hearing from you. Kevin
Wanted: USED Canada and US commemorative.Also Cinderellas (Christmas seals.)

J Kong
To Exchange: Used stamps of Malaysia
Wanted: Any used stamp

To Exchange: Spain,France,Andorre (s),Urss,Bulgarie,Roumanie,
Wanted: I need stamps of Spain,France and his colonies,Andorra(s)

Bibek Chatterjee
To Exchange: G.B. U.S.A. Germany,Srilanka,India. on paper of G.B. & U.S.A,same stamps in paper.
Wanted: Any stamps from whole world,but not a damaged one or CTO

Renilo R. Abella
To Exchange: Philippines got stamps in fauna, flora, crocodile, Pope in stamps, sports, commemoratives, marine life stamps, insects, environment, etc.
Wanted: I am interested stamps from Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Malaysia, Thailand, Montenegro, Croatia, Albania and Lithunia. I will answer al letters

Ouari Khemissi
To Exchange: I want Items and mint stamps /FDC's postcards/Maximumcards/cover Topics Bees
Wanted: Algerian Mint stamps /FDC's/maximum cards

To Exchange: I have mint stamps of Argentina and Uruguay.
Wanted: I nned mint stamps of European countries.

Viet Nam
Nguyen Quynh Son
To Exchange: Vietnam stamp, FDC...
Wanted: Transport (road, bridge, subway, port), landscape stamps, FDC

To Exchange: Used world wide stamps, and also FDC from Switzerland.
Wanted: Search all with theme: ROCK PAINTINGS

To Exchange: Hi! I have a plenty of duplicates, but they can give and some stamps in the collection. Countries: Moldova, Bulgaria, Hungary, Norway, Equatorial Guinea, Rwanda, Madagascar, Sao Tome and Principe, Cuba, DPR Korea, Laos, Mongolia...and others.
Wanted: I prefer : animals, flowers, sports...etc, countries: DPR Korea, South Korea, Maldives, Bhutan, Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey, Luxembourg, Iceland, Faroe Islands...etc.

To Exchange: I have used stamps from USA,Germany and mix of ex Yu states(Croatia,Slovenija,BiH,
Wanted: I want used stamps from USA,Germany,France,Monaco,ex colony of G.B.,Srbija,BiH,Slovenija.

Varun Thomas Paul
To Exchange: I have got used stamps of India,UAE,Oman,Italy,
Philippines,Greece and many more.I exchange 50-100 stamps.
Wanted: I prefer mainly used stamps of Zimbabwe,Lesotho,Swaziland,Venezuela,Peru,Niger,Tunisia and Gambia. I also take other stamps after consideration.

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Drazen Kladar
To Exchange: I offer mint stamps Kingdom of Serbia 1876-1918. All stamps have scan images.
Wanted: Mint WW thematic stamps and FDC's.

To Exchange: I can send mint sets on different topics from some Africa countries, East Europe, some from C.I.S; used commemoratives w/w; C.T.O. sets from Africa countries; used phonecards, etc.
Wanted: Mint complete sets from West Europe; New Zealand; USA; Australia; Thailand; Caribian countries; South Pacific countries. Especialy issues of 2005-2011 years.
added March 2013
Jason Fay
To Exchange: worldwide used, mostly pre-1970, some recent
Wanted: worldwide used, mostly older.  Especially want bicolor (printed with only 2 colors). Also want
topicals: dragons, chickens, birds